Action A5.1 – State of the art on fire risk communication amongst journalists and media


We will carry out an analysis of the state of the art on fire risk communication knowledge, tools and organizations (networks, etc.) from the media point of view. Two scenarios will be considered: one which corresponds to the management of information during emergencies and the other regarding the description of the phenomenon outside the fire season. The analysis will give a special emphasis on the Mediterranean context including other references from homologous biogeographic regions (Australia, South Africa and South America).

The active participation of the project partners and panel of experts (Action 6.5) is expected to report on relevant national and international initiatives. The different regional contexts of the project on the use of fire and management of the risk will be taken into account when addressing the news coverage of the phenomenon.

Expected results

Proceedings of the practical workshops with journalists, synthesis of the results of the test of understanding and usefulness, final draft of the main handbook, adjustment of the handbook to the regional context of the southern Mediterranean and synthesis of recommendations at the operational and political levels from the target audience “media” (relates to actions 2.3 and 2.4).


Responsible for implementing it:  CTFC

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