Actions and means involved

The project is organised around 6 tasks:

2 operational tasks, i.e. Task A for management and reporting activities and Task F for publicity/communication actions, and

5 technical tasks, i.e. Task B for the capitalization of all knowledge and outcomes existing and produced during the project, through the edition of recommendations in the field tackled. Task C, D and E will develop and test efficient communication tools addressed to 3 target audiences, i.e. communities and municipalities (wildland urban areas and users of fire risk areas), scholars, youths and their teachers, as well as journalists/media.

For each technical task the following activities will be implemented:

  1. State of the art on knowledge and lessons learnt;
  2. Development of specific communication tools, including their conception, test of usefulness and communication efficiency, improvement and wide edition and publication.

These activities will be implemented in Algeria and Tunisia separately and jointly in Spain-France. The means used for designing the tools and recommendations will differ according to specific requirements, needs and expectations of the target audience and will include participatory workshops/meetings, interviews to key actors and case studies.


Experts on fire risk and emergency management and communication and culture of risk will contribute throughout the project.

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