Main goal: eFIRECOM aims at enhancing the resilience of citizens to wildfires in interface areas from the Mediterranean region, through effectively promoting and increasing awareness and participation on the culture of risk with updated knowledge and best practices.


Specific objectives:

  1. To analyse the current level of risk communication (and the tools used) in different Mediterranean countries (with special focus in Algeria and Tunisia) for different target groups (citizens of wildland urban areas, users of fire risk areas, local entities and municipalities, scholars and their teachers, as well as journalists);
  2. To share experiences and lessons learned on the development of risk communication tools;
  3. To develop and test social participation and communication tools on wildfire risk, adapted to each target group in EU and non-EU countries;
  4. To prepare and promote technical and policy recommendations on how to improve the effectiveness of the communication on wildfire risk and to reduce social vulnerability to wildfires in the Mediterranean region, with special attention to North African countries.


The results will be up-scaled and transferred to other areas in Europe and from the Mediterranean that might be affected by episodes of extreme fire in the near future, and will be useful to the strategic communication of other natural hazards such as floods, storms or avalanches. The tools developed will be proposed to UNISDR, in case they want to integrate them into their toolkit for Making Cities Resilient.

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