Action A4.2 – Development of communication programmes and tools for and with children, youth and teachers


This action will develop (draft, test, improve and finalize) teaching programmes and didactic material adapted to different groups of learners, in order to help the learner and the teacher “to bring the real world into the essentially artificial situation and thus to relate the language items”. Didactic material will be used to help implement the class/workshop and achieve the objectives. This Action will consist in: identifying different groups of learners, according to the diversity of needs related to learning around children and young people in the society; adapting the teaching programmes to the language (English, Spanish, French, Catalan and Arabic) and complexity for different learning rhythms according to the age, timing, culture, and diversity of the learners; integrating both local and scientific knowledge of historic, current and future risk into development programmes, which can lead to improved long-term development outcomes.

For primary schools, as didactic material, we intend to produce a storybook and a song. The creation of the lyrics and recording of the song will be participatory, through workshops gathering children and young people and their teachers and musicians will support this work throughout the process, creating the music. The storybooks will be designed and illustrated by professionals. For teens, a short video will be created in a participatory way, thanks to the contributions and feedback from young people during workshops. The materials will be attractive and appropriate for the learners and teachers, incorporating the skills, being sensitive to the learners’ cultural context, and taking into consideration the lives of the learners and their diverse level of proficiency. The teaching programmes and the didactic materials (storybook and song for children, short video for young people) will be submitted to a test of understanding and utility involving the children, young people and their teachers, in the form of worskhops. Based on the assessment and review of the teachers and learners, the materials will be improved (completed and corrected as needed), before being finalized. They will be freely distributed and disseminated, notably through the project website.


Expected results

This Action will lead to the digital edition of 2 teaching programmes, a song recorded in different languages in digital format, 2 storybooks in digital and paper (100 copies) format for each storybook in each language, 1 short video available on-line. The storybook for primary school will include the lyrics and musical score of the song, and a CD with the song (100 CDs for each language). One poster for each academic level will be designed jointly by the children, youth and teachers, to be exposed in the classrooms of participating schools. The test of understanding and usefulness of the didactic materials will allow improving them significantly and will help adapt the results to the southern Mediterranean context. Operational and policy level guidelines related to this action will be produced and disseminated (in relation to Actions 2.3 and 2.4).

Responsible for implementing it: PCF

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