Action A3.1 – State of the art on fire risk communication to communities and municipalities


A review on the knowledge and tools for communication, awareness raising and promotion of the social responsibility against wildfires risk will be conducted. In order to move towards shared responsibility schemes (from the definition of the rights and duties of the different actors to individual awareness of exposure and risk mitigation), particular attention to participatory activities between public and private actors will be pursued. Different situations will be analysed: social constructions in peri-urban areas, both traditionally and recently affected by fire; contexts where the fire is still present as a tool for environmental management (e.g. prescribed burns in mountain areas; areas with strong pressure from the primary sector) will be treated differently from areas where only this interpretation is the fire as an enemy to fight. The analysis of the state of the art will take into account relevant national and regional experiences. In this way, the contribution of all partners, as well as the panel of experts (action 6.5), during this action will be of great importance.


Expected results

The synthesis on the state of the art on risk communication will be presented in the International Workshop (Action 2.1), allowing to share experiences, best practices and to identify the gaps in this field.

Responsible for implementing it: PCF and FORESPIR

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