Action A2.4 – Edition of a policy brief on communication challenges to promote a fire risk culture for more resilient societies


A report with policy recommendations for promoting a culture of fire and resilient societies will be prepared jointly by the partners. The contents of this report will be useful for the promotion of national and international communication strategies on fire risk, especially in the Mediterranean context, but also at European level for those countries or regions with similar contexts and issues.

Different contexts of risk will be taken into consideration, such as: areas where fire is a management tool (e.g. in mountain areas, areas with a strong development of the primary sector), areas where the fire is perceived only as the “enemy to fight” (peri-urban, tertiary societies), countries with centralized versus decentralized fire risk management models, regions with a long history of large forest fires where the context of climate change or changes in land use involves the recent emergence of wildfires.

As in action A2.3, the recommendations will build on the project’s capitalisation process and from the development of knowledge throughout the project (state of the art per target audience, international workshop and specific communication tools developed). All contents will be reviewed by all the partners and by the panel of experts (A6.5), in order to give a transnational focus and applicability as well as added value to the whole document.

Expected results

A policy brief on communication challenges to enhance a fire risk culture will be published in English and French (500 copies in each language), increasing the resilience of societies.

Responsible for implementing it: EFIMED

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