Action A2.3 – Edition of a booklet with operational recommendations to enhance citizens’ involvement in wildfire risk management through communication actions


A common booklet with recommendations on how to make an efficient communication on the fire risk will be edited. The booklet will be built based on the conclusions from the international workshop as well as on the specific communication tools developed for the different target audiences at local level (Actions A3.2, A4.2 and A5.2). This report will be useful for planning and developing strategic communication on fire risk at regional and local level throughout the Mediterranean region. Although the recommendations will be focused to the Mediterranean context, they could be transferred to other EU countries or regions with similar communication issues and transversal topics applicable to other natural disasters. Two major common (and opposed) situations will be taken into account: (1) “fire as the enemy to fight against” (Mediterranean areas with large urban development, dry weather conditions and largely affected by urban pressure); (2) “fire as a management tool” (grassland maintenance in mountain regions and Mediterranean countries affected by strong environmental pressure from the primary sector). Regions historically affected by wildfires and these areas where wildfires are more recent due to climate change or changes in use will be also considered. Each situation requires different communication strategies.

These recommendations will arise from the capitalisation process and development of knowledge held throughout the project, which are as follows: review on the state of the art of communication for each target audience (A3.1, A4.1 and A5.1), discussions and actions for the development of specific communication tools (A3.2, A4.2 and A5.2), including the international workshop (A2.1). All contents will be review by all partners and the panel of experts (A6.5), in order to give a transnational focus and applicability as well as added value to the whole document.


Expected results

A booklet containing technical recommendations for an effective communication on fire risk and promotion of capacity building will be published in English, French, Spanish, Catalan and Arabic (500 copies in each language) and made available on the website. Societies will gain resiliency towards fire thanks to this booklet.


Responsible for implementing it:  FORESPIR and PCF

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