Action A2.2 – Edition of a booklet on myths and facts about wildfires in the Mediterranean region


A dissemination booklet on the status of forest fires in the Mediterranean, addressed to the general public, will be edited jointly by the partners. The storyline will be organised around a set of issues that are commonly believed by people or can be easily assumed, but for whom the perception that people have does not always conform to reality. For each “social belief” identified as a myth (e.g. “the urban speculation is behind most of the fires”, “extinguishing services are the only solution to fires”, etc.), there will be an accurate informative description of the reality with contrasted objective data such as charts or tables. The regional, European and/or international available reports (e.g. information generated by the European Forest Fire Information System – EFFIS; State of the Mediterranean Forest, by FAO, 2013; Strategic Framework for Mediterranean Forests (SFMF) and specifically the Strategic Line 4, “Promote Wildfire Prevention in the Context of Global Changes”) will be taken into account in the write-up of the informative description of the myths.

CTFC and PCF will gather all the information and write-up the final contents of the report. In order to ensure the Mediterranean focus, all partners will identify those myths that best fit their respective regional contexts and the contents will be reviewed by all partners as well as the panel of experts (created in Task F).


Expected results

An informative booklet addressed to the society at large, easy to read, with the description of the status of forest fires in the Mediterranean basin and testing “social myths” with technical information will be edited in English, French, Spanish, Catalan and Arabic (500 copies in each language). People will be better informed about fires and the booklet will help to attenuate reality distortions.


Responsible for implementing it:  CTFC and PCF

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