Action A2.1 – International workshop on risk culture and wildfire risk communication


A capitalisation workshop with invited experts will be organized around month 6 in order to present and discuss about existing knowledge, practices and innovations on the communication and perception of wildfire risk. During this workshop, the partners will present the results of the state of the art assessment (actions A3.1, A4.1 and A5.1). We will ensure the contribution of relevant European and Mediterranean social actors concerned by or involved in wildfire risk management and communication.

The overall goal of this workshop is to better orient the design of the communication tools to be developed for each target audience (“end-users” – communities and administrations, schools and teachers, media professionals and journalists in Tasks C, D and E, considering the knowledge and best practices available and the operational demands and cultural backgrounds of those publics. The workshop will take place at the Forest Sciences Centre of Catalonia (CTFC) headquarters (Solsona, Spain), which offers perfect facilities and a very favourable environment for this kind of activities. It will include both plenary sessions and group discussions. The project partners will mobilize the relevant social actors in their sphere of influence, and the experts of the consultancy and dissemination panel (created in Task F) will help to mobilize European and Mediterranean Institutions, therefore enhancing synergies, networking and the exchange of experiences in the whole Mediterranean basin and Europe.

Expected results

The existing knowledge, practices and innovations will be identified and shared between the partners, and the lessons learned will be carefully identified, allowing to elaborate in the most efficient way the specific communication tools in the subsequent project’s activities. Moreover, synergies and networking at the Mediterranean and European level will be enhanced. Proceedings and keynotes presentations of the workshop will be edited and available on-line.


Responsible for implementing it:  CTFC and EFIMED

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